About Statewide Construction Company

Local Business Owner and Craftsman, Bill Crachy

I'm Bill Crachy and I have lived and worked in Michiana area since 1974. During my youth, my father was a home builder. From an early age, I was exposed to all aspects of building homes, from laying the foundation to roofing.

When I started my remodeling business in 1982, the knowledge and experience I gained working with my father made me into the craftsman I am today.

Over the many years serving in the Michiana area, I have worked on all types of remodel and construction projects, from kitchen remodels to fast food drive-ins.

In 1984, Vocational Rehabilitation began contracting with me for my services. As a result my association with Vocational Rehabilitation, I discovered that empowering a physically challenged person, by installing a handicapped ramp, or a plumbing fixture or other project that will help improve their life, provides me with my greatest sense of satisfaction.

Let me help you with your construction challenge. Call or email me today.